Why Systems of Trust?

Extending Zero Trust (Always Verify) To Compliance, and EveryWhere Else

Identity, endpoints and networks are well defended against attacks today by Zero Trust solutions which always verify the former three. But what about the data? What about the app stack, machine learning, provisioning, orchestration, operating system and hardware layers? The breadth and depth of data sprawl and cybersecurity attacks today mandate continuous verification of those layers as well. Extensive Systems of Trust are the key to continuous compliance and earliest possible holistic detection of all information and operational security threats. Systems of Trust eliminate data reconciliation and buy precious time to contain malware attack damage by bad actors before it spreads, while minimizing recovery costs, staff stress and reputational brand damage.

Chainkit is Twilio for Blockchain and the foundation for a System of Trust.

Why Now?

Invisible Tax - You just lost $154.32 this minute

Companies lose millions of dollars quarterly ($20M on average) using reactive processes to secure and audit digital systems. Scheduled vs event-driven audits with detection and response-centric cybersecurity are an invisible tax on business. Proactive, continuous verification of digital integrity across all business systems at any granularity, is the best way to identify, reduce and eliminate that tax. Always verify, before detect and respond, is the new data reconciliation and cybersecurity best practice. That new first step filters out data sprawl complexity and false positive security alert noise to help you focus finite time, staff and resources on previously invisible data corruption and cybersecurity threat signals.   


Best of Breed Everywhere

Integrating best of breed development and database tools with best of breed blockchain integrity, Chainkit customers report 100x faster time to value for their security, supply chain integrity and compliance requirements. No artificial crypto tokens required or blockchain development walled gardens to limit customer flexibility and freedom of choice. Chainkit integrates with all your existing and future systems today.