Catch DAta Drift / Pollution BEFore It Happens, With Proactive Reconciliation

Supply Integrity.png

Today’s economy is more dynamic than ever. Supply chains need to adapt to changing material & component fluctuations, while ensuring quality, cost effectiveness and on-time delivery. Each layer of the supply chain requires different tracking systems, driven by heterogeneous best of breed technology decisions. The goal of Shared State throughout the supply chain is often challenged by this heterogeneous technology landscape, particularly with regards to data interoperability and end to end integrity.

Heavyweight Blockchain consortia are first-generation responses to the dilemma above. However, they impose unaligned business requirements on most of their members, while enforcing narrow technology requirements driven by immature blockchain / DLT walled gardens.

Chainkit’s flexible cloud platform enables ad-hoc Consortia On Demand by enabling Joint Chains of Custody around any process, system and associated data. Suppliers can attest integrity of their materials and components to manufacturers, who can proactively reconcile their material, component, cost and delivery data, avoiding data drift and pollution, saving millions of supply dollars per quarter.

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Vendors can track resulting inventory of products throughout 2-Tier distribution to their end customers. Shared State ensures all members of the ‘sales to delivery’ chain maintain a consistent yet heterogenous best of breed system of record. Distributors can stock inventory for fast shipping to customers upon order, while channel partners can resell additional value added software licenses / subscriptions and service contracts. Each member of the product delivery chain can definitively attest to their respective state changes in inventory, software and service status. Heterogenous best of breed technology can be deployed at every layer, ensuring end to end integrity via proactive reconciliation of all their processes, systems and data.

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