“It shouldn’t take a year to detect a CyberSecurity breach”

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Val Bercovici, Founder & CEO, PencilDATA talks invisible tamper / threat detection with John Furrier & Dave Vellante at AWS re:Inforce in Boston, MA. #reInforce @chainkit @Pencil_DATA


The Internet is NOT written in ink!

The Internet is written, erased and invisibility rewritten many times over, with little to no awareness by the provider or consumer of digital content. This creates a $500 billion gap!

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PencilDATA’s mission is to narrow that gap by Securing the World’s Software - At the Source.

We complement the existing ‘Outside-in’ universe of Security & Compliance solutions designed to detect Software and Identity vulnerabilities, with an ‘Inside-out’ approach.

This ‘Security by Design’ and ‘Privacy by Design’ approach is more than DevSecOps. It shifts further left to SecDevOps via proactive software and services design, integrated at the Source Code level. By adding a ‘snippet of code’ to create Chains of Custody around any data and related process, apps and their back-end systems directly expose more security threats & compliance risks, earlier than ever before. This early detection (seconds vs months or years) buys precious time to contain cybercrime damage and respond / recover before significant damage is done.

Digital Solutions for Analog-era Problems

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Trust takes years to attain, minutes to lose. Customers, employees, partners and suppliers transact digitally in the 21st century. They communicate and automate digitally as well. Yet the business processes, apps, networks, identity, data management and security systems still used today were designed in the 20th century. Analog (paper/form-based) authenticity, provenance and lineage tools need their own digital transformation. PencilDATA solutions modernize the world’s digital security and compliance with essential levels of transparency missing in the era of analog solutions.

Chainkit PaaS

Chain of Custody as a Service

Chainkit builds Chains of Custody (wide. 2chains).png

Integrating best of breed development and database tools with best of breed blockchain integrity, Chainkit delivers maximum value to customers implementing security and compliance solutions. No artificial crypto tokens required or blockchain development walled gardens to limit your choices. Chainkit integrates with all your existing and future apps today, enabling you to wrap Chains of custody around files, transactions, communications, computing systems and business processes with ease.

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The PencilDATA founding team includes industry veterans with deep experience in enterprise software, security, databases, IoT and cloud. We are grateful to be supported by a world-class team of advisors and investors.

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