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Chainkit is the most agile option for accelerating enterprise adoption of properly governed public blockchains. Integrating best of breed development and database tools with best of breed blockchain integrity delivers maximum integrity value to customers implementing security and compliance solutions.

Chainkit defaults to ConsenSys Ethereum when no other blockchain option is selected at the Register() or Verify() RESTful API level.

VMware Blockchain.png

Chainkit is part of the VMware project Concord beta and will support it in production as it becomes VMware Blockchain. Our simple RESTful APIs offer the simplest possible on-ramp to VMware Blockchain. Chainkit also supports hybrid blockchain configurations with other public or private blockchains of your choice.

Look for Chainkit in the upcoming VMware Blockchain marketplace.

VMworld 2019: Look for ‘Blockchain 101’ hands-on labs featuring Chainkit this fall!

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