Continuous Compliance and Enforcement in the Healthcare Industry


As healthcare companies get inundated with more and more data, they are faced with the problem of sharing medical data with more stakeholders without compromising data privacy and integrity. Blockchain’s distributed ledger and immutable transactions help bring integrity into the data sharing

process across many applications in the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector is not only becoming more and more data driven , it is also one of the most heavily regulated industries. Chainkit works with existing systems of record and processes in the healthcare space while bringing continuous data integrity.


  • As healthcare instruments such as X-ray or MRI scan images or other imaging techniques gather patient data, they need to ensure that data integrity is maintained as the data moves from the clinical lab to the radiologist or algorithm and to the healthcare providers. Chainkit ensures the integrity of these images. Doctors or diagnosis platforms can interpret the images they are seeing with the confidence that they are original and patients can be equally confident about the diagnosis

  • Chainkit ensures data integrity in the case of clinical research which usually involve people spread across multiple places. Clinical research needs real life medical data and the integrity of this data is critical for the success of clinical trials and in getting FDA approval. With Chainkit, healthcare companies and academic institutions involved in such research can be confident in the authenticity and integrity of the data they are using. Genomic research is fast emerging as the basis of large collaborations involving vast amounts of data. The key to successful genomic research lies in the integrity of the data used in the research and clinical trials. Chainkit helps solve the data integrity problem by seamlessly plugging into the tools and processes used in clinical research for automatic data registration and verification of important records.

  • The holy grail of Electronic Health Records i s the handling of patient data across their entire lifetime stored in different systems across multiple organizations. Chainkit helps the providers of EHR software handle data integrity seamlessly as they bring together data from disparate systems in various organizations, often from many geographical locations. It is critical to ensure the integrity of data as it helps form the holy grail of medical treatment in the future.

  • As pharma companies invest in manufacturing, they need to optimize and secure the supply chain. They do this for quality control as well as to stop counterfeiting. They can only do this if they can be assured of the integrity of the data they rely on from across the supply chain. Chain- kit helps pharma ensure transparency in the supply chain process through continuous data integrity

Data integrity is the central pillar of healthcare IT, and Chainkit can solve this problem by seamlessly plugging into the existing systems of record and processes. This brings efficiencies and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

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