Continuous Compliance and Enforcement for Human Resources


Human Resources is another area where blockchain and Chainkit can help significantly. From recruitment to employee management to payroll, Chainkit brings in strong data integrity into the HR process. As HR faces pressure to ensure fairness and employee satisfaction while also staying compliant with labor policies, they are resorting to data as a solution.


  • Chainkit can enhance the trust in an unbiased recruitment process by bringing in stronger data integrity to an ATS and ensuring adherence to the organization’s policies. For example, a recruiter or hiring manager cannot tamper with the application process and they can be forced to be compliant with the diversity or other hiring policies of the organization. As recruitment happens through intermediary companies, the integrity of the application documents submitted by the original applicant can be verified and it is easy to ensure that the intermediaries do not tamper with the resume or other documents needed for the application

  • As HR departments deal with employee services like workers compensation, etc, they can use Chainkit to show their compliance regarding the digital storage of employee records

  • HR department can automate many of the employee related processes like employee evaluation and others by bringing in continuous data integrity, thereby ensuring fairness in their process and protecting the company in the case of legal challenges

Data integrity is the central pillar of healthcare IT, and Chainkit can solve this problem by seamlessly plugging into the existing systems of record and processes. This brings efficiencies and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

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