Proactively verify all logs before processing

Log Hardening.png

Looking to use Elasticsearch & Kibana alongside Splunk for your next Analytics, Alerting or Monitoring project? Want the strength of Splunk’s advanced log integrity for all your analytics pipelines? Look no further!

ELK Log Hardening Demo


Logs are a pillar of modern data processing and Cyber Security. They’re also a prime target of malware, which can make itself invisible by tampering with key log files generated by: your Business Apps, Web & Mobile traffic, SaaS & PaaS, Server, Network, Database, Operating System, Virtual Machine & Container/Orchestration layers as well as IoT Devices/Machines.

Vulnerable Alerting, Monitoring, Analytics and Archive systems still assume integrity of all Logs. Hardened systems create a Chain of Custody by proactively registering the integrity of their generated logs. During the processing stage, hardened systems verify log integrity to Detect Tampering at the earliest possible moment, before trusting their integrity.